Chery Tiggo modified air suspension increased chassis off-road

Tiggo adopts a luxury sedan chassis that has been locally adjusted after being professionally adjusted by the British company LOTUS. It is solid and stable, ensures the best combination of sportiness and comfort, and has many advantages such as comfortable ride and stable operation. The front suspension adopts McPherson independent suspension + stabilizer bar + single horizontal arm + frustum variable pitch spiral spring + double acting double acting cylinder type shock absorber; rear suspension adopts longitudinal trailing arm suspension + stabilizer bar + double Wishbone + cylindrical coil spring + bidirectional double-acting drum shock absorber. The perfect combination of front and rear suspensions can effectively filter vibrations. Even muddy and bumpy roads can provide occupants with the comfort of a luxury car. The following Tiggo modified the pneumatic suspension, which can be upgraded to a higher level on the basis of the original car. For those who like to play in the wild, it is undoubtedly added more driving pleasure, the original can not pass the gully, in the modified pneumatic After the shock! However, raising so much visual effect is indeed not very good-looking and somewhat uncoordinated! If you are running normally, you can still lower it, but the visual effect will be better! This is the biggest charm of pneumatic shock modification! ! !

Nowadays, there are so many riders who have modified pneumatic shock absorbers. Is pneumatic shock really good? Pneumatic to everyone's first feeling is that the handsome can be so beautiful. We all know that what is the advantage of pneumatic shock in the end! Here to tell you about: 1. Comfort 2. Security 3. Improve the passability 4. Improve stability.

1. Comfort Because the spring is replaced with airbag, the airbag has higher sensitivity than the spring, so it can effectively filter out bumps on the road surface. However, after twisting the shock absorbers to customize the skins, the height of the shock absorbers and the size of the air volume of the skin and the perfect balance of the shock absorber damping are needed to achieve good comfort, and it needs a good measurement and road test!

2. Safety Because the airbag is controlled by the air pressure, the airbag has a maximum air pressure value. The compressibility far exceeds the compressibility of the spring. When the spring is compressed to a minimum, the body parts such as the tire hub shock-absorbing horn swing arm etc. are damaged. When compressed to the limit, it will be discouraged and the parts will not be damaged. For the material of the bladder, the natural rubber component used is more than the natural rubber component of the tire! Single fatigue 3 million to 5 million times, normal use 3-5 years no problem! All of them are strictly tested equipment to test pressure before they can be sold! After the high-pressure locking device in the clamp section of the bladder, the outer layer of the bladder has anti-corrosion and anti-rain protection against dust and dust.

3. Improve passability Because the airbag is full of air, the entire shock core will be pulled out to maximize the body, so the height of the body will change, thereby improving the passability.

4, to improve stability, such as ACCUAIR control system, four-wheel independent with 3 memory function, the body roll in cornering, due to the height sensor to determine the level of the body, so the roll will soon have a very simple physical The phenomenon is that the height gauge senses that there will be a certain distance of the drop will immediately inflate and maintain the level, and reduce the body level and danger caused by the roll. In addition, after the deflation, the weight of the body will compress the airbag, so it can reduce the body. The lower the body, the lower the air resistance of the lower disk, and turn it into the air flow to press the body to improve the stability.


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